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Artist and designer Shimon Buzaglo was born and raised in Yafo, in a mixed Jewish-Arab neighborhood where diverse cultures and stylistic influences meet and interact: Arabo-Persian diwan-style buildings, Arabic urban architecture, Ottoman and British architecture, and Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus.

Born to a family which owned a furniture design and upholstery shop, Shimon has always loved this field; over the years he developed his own individual, unique perspective.

In 1997, Shimon Buzaglo opened his first small shop of authentic designs in the heart of Tel Aviv’s vibrant neighborhood of Florentin. His business immediately became well-known on the local market; the amount and variety of work kept increasing, and Buzaglo’s prominent position in the industry was quickly established. Yet his work was developing and growing not only in terms of scope and variety, but also in his perception of a variety of materials and the abilities of each. Looking at Shimon Buzaglo’s works, one can feel that each is treated as a creation of its own.
Shimon Buzaglo studied in depth the natural materials – wood, iron, fabric and leather, experimented with pushing each material’s limits while respecting the material as it exists in nature, created new materials and combinations of materials to produce new textures and tints. He uses combinations of traditional and innovative techniques to offer design lovers new and unique designs made of original materials. His work is guided by an understanding of materials’ characteristics and the importance of their authenticity.
Shimon Buzaglo works with top architects and interior designers, creating furniture, carpentry and artistic metalworks specially tailored for every project.
His work is widely recognized by the professional community and by local and international media.

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